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Grandslam MMA Was a Smorgasbord of Brutality and Hilarity

Grandslam MMA Was a Smorgasbord of Brutality and Hilarity

Something about these smaller, regional MMA events always feels like a wild experiment. It feels like a mad scientist is manning the helm and that nobody is truly in any sort of control, that anything could happen at the drop of a hat and that someone might just die. Maybe that is the appeal of these events? That someone might die in the ring or something so crazy might happen that we have to see it. I mean, not for the people in attendance, because that is almost always friends and family. They don’t want anyone to die.

This is a collection of GIFs from Grandslam MMA and this is just downright insane. Thanks to @GrabakaHitman for this, because now we feel much more free, much more alive. Why? Because we aren’t fighting in Grandslam MMA. The names of these fighters don’t matter, only the actions do. Only the actions. Only in Japan would regional MMA be this brutal.

Fighter Gets Knocked Out, Wakes Up, Shakes Winner’s Hand

Dude Gets Powerbombed, Just Lays There For What Feels Like Forever Before the Stretcher Comes

Brutal Faceplant KO Followed By a Half-hearted Backflip

The First Rule of Grandslam MMA is Get Brutally KO’d

Dude Wins Via Submission, Then Tumbles Off of the Cage Onto His Face


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