MMA Rundown

Glory kickboxing posts video of a heavyweight kicking an 8 year old girl off her feet, think it’s funny?

Seriously, Glory Kickboxing? There are times to overreact then there are times where an overreaction is appropriate. Check out this attempt to a create viral video by Glory Kickboxing. Watch it more than once for the full affect.

A heavyweight professional kickboxer just kicked the ever living shit out of a eight year old girl holding pads. Comedy is subjective but the more you watch this video from Glory the less funny it gets. Rather than go 50% kickboxing bro-due throws with 100% force like he’s in the opening round a million dollar title fight.

Memo to kickboxing bro-dude; you nearly broke that kid’s neck in the name of comedy or the name of showing how hard you can throw a kick? WTF Glory?

*Editor’s Note: It is actually Glory welterweight Richard Abraham kicking a kid like an asshole*

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