Video: Gabi Garcia is Fighting an Old Lady Pro Wrestler Half Her Size in Rizin So Watch This Brutal Match

Rizin will both save us with nostalgia and shock us by breaking up the monotony of homogenized American athletic contests. That last Rizin fight show spectacular gave us the return or “Felony” Charles Bennett who made the show worth the watch to begin with, even if there weren’t a ton more exciting fights on the massive card. So, what do they have in store for us at the end of this year? Insanity.

Rizin does what Rizin wants. Gabrielle Garcia, the beastly and beautiful BJJ Amazonian, will fight 52 year old, 5’8″, 158lbs pro wrestler Shinobu Kandori on New Year’s Eve. If you think it looks nuts on paper, just look at the staredown footage and Kandori get in the face of Garcia and not blink one eye.

It’s Japanese MMA booking at its peak. It’s bonkers. It’s a mismatch. Matter of fact, a squash match even, but you have to understand that this Kandori woman is popular in Japan and is a legendary badass. She is an Olympic Judoka who won bronze and then started powerbombing chicks on their head off the top rope. Oh, and at some point became a politician.

She does have an MMA record of 4-1 with all of her victories being by submission, but her last MMA bout (and victory) was 16 years ago. However, it’s the brutal bloodying of other women in the pro wrestling ring (sometimes roped with barbed wire) the got her fame.

Check out this incredible match with Akira Hokuto from ’93.

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