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Kenny Florian Tells Michel Pereira to Blame Himself for DQ Loss to Diego Sanchez

Kenny Florian Tells Michel Pereira to Blame Himself for DQ Loss to Diego Sanchez

Kenny Florian Blames Pereira for DQ Loss to Diego Sanchez

UFC lightweight Diego Sanchez calls his DQ victory over Michel Pereira a “veteran move.” Pereira believes that Diego’s decision was cowardly at UFC Rio Rancho. And of course, the MMA universe is divided straight down the middle on the subject. For entertainment reasons, some fans were hoping that Diego would press on through the gaping gash in his head. However, for UFC legend and analyst Kenny Florian, Pereira only has himself to blame for the unfortunate defeat.

Pereira vs Sanchez at UFC Rio Rancho

Pereira was pouring it on Diego all throughout the third round. A barrage of flashy kicks led to a tactical and accurate striking clinic. However, halfway through the third-round, Pereira landed an illegal knee that cost him the entire match. Which was a tough pill for Pereira to swallow as it appeared that he was winning the fight.

After consulting with Sanchez referee Jason Herzog, and the in-cage physician ruled the bout as a disqualification. Fans were upset because it looked like Sanchez was still able to continue. Furthermore, it seemed like Sanchez would have gone on if the DQ didn’t result in an automatic victory. But, once he was aware that he would win the fight, to told Herzog that his vision was blurred and he wouldn’t win.

Florian Speaks About Pereira on His Podcast

Labeling the win a veteran move, Sanchez seems to be wearing the victory with pride. And while Pereira isn’t happy with the victory, Kenny Florian believes he only has himself to blame. He spoke about the matter on his podcast.

“No matter what, Michel Pereira, you better not be angry about the situation and the decision,” said Kenny.

“You’re the guy who threw the illegal knee, so you can’t be angry about it. That is your fault. Diego Sanchez, whether he’s taking advantage of a situation or not, it was an illegal blow, period to the head. And one of the hardest strikes you could throw is a knee, okay? So pretty brutal there.”

Choosing a Side

While the majority seem to agree with Florian, many seem to have wished that Sanchez kept on fighting. Even though he was already down on the scorecards, and had a giant gash on his head. So, now that the line has been drawn in the sand, what side are MiddleEasy’s readers on? Let us know.

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