MiddleEasy Presents: SCFL Fire Pro Wrestling 1.20.18: Dead or Alive – 2/3 Falls – Ratt vs. Gyro


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To some people, the most valued things in their lives are the brief, indescribable moments that are shared with friends and family. From sitting around a campfire telling stories to sharing a few drinks with friends both old and new. To others it is the legacy that they leave behind, be it big or small, as long as it makes an impact. There are some men that are happy to make a smaller impact, one filled with traditions and love, much like the Bianchi family’s signature mustache. To others that impact mutates over time, festering with anger and self-loathing until it manifests itself in actions so heinous that they defy logic itself.

For SCFL World Champion Ichabod Adams that legacy comes with a price, that price being his very soul. Just two weeks ago he showed just how ugly he could get when he interfered in a match between Bike Bianchi and Gyro Supreme to see who would challenge Ichabod for the title in the future. Ichabod, believing himself to be not just right, but righteous, and the only man worthy of the title, made his presence known through a cowardly attack that left Bike Bianchi without his family’s traditional mustache. Wielding a large, almost comical blade, Ichabod roughly scraped at Bike’s upper lip until there was nothing left but pulp, blood and sadness.

Last week, incensed by Ichabod’s actions, Bike’s brother, Boxing, and father, Sledding, stepped into the ring against Adams and his Russian cohort, Piotr Petrov, to attempt to win back a shred of the Bianchi family’s honor, only for a mysterious, masked man to appear in their corner. All that we know about him is that he wears a Bianchi-branded (no relation) cycling shorts and jersey, as well as a mask that fit the color of the outfit. He also had long, wavy brown hair that stuck out of the top of the mask. He stood in defiance to Ichabod and the Alt-Right, but ultimately watched as Sledding Bianchi was pinned by the Pepedriller by Ichabod.

Now, this week, the Masked Cyclist will make his somewhat-anticipated debut in SCFL Pro Wrestling live on Twitch dot TV. He’ll take on SCFL Tag Champion Federal Bell.

Following in the footsteps of last week’s blockbuster Trios Tag Championship bout between the Supremes and the Sons of Anger, all six men will be in action against each other in singles competition, with the feud between Gyro Supreme and World Kickboxing Champion Ratt Middle coming to a head in a 2/3 falls bout in the main event. Just two weeks ago Ratt won the title from Gyro, leading into the Trios Championship bout that saw the Supremes retain, and now another chapter in their historic feud will be written live, tonight, on SCFL Pro.

Opening Scramble: Eosinophil Rossi(C) vs. Computer Collins, Aladdin Bell, Mike Miller, Kurt King, Brick Roberts, Picaporte, Lil Jonesy
Sanders Suzuki vs. Rastaban Baptiste
S-1 Championship: Chuckie Murphy vs. Choochai TrainMuayThaiGym(C)
Team SUITS (Raoul Hernandez/Spencer Morgan) vs. Maximo/Maniac Missouri
Hardcore Tag Match: Ricky/Puncho vs. Captain White/Algorithm Schneider
Dot TV Championship: Nightsbane Kvlt(C) vs. Offers Thompson
Gruesome: Kelly Kelley vs. Bradford Culpepper
Philly Davis vs. Torvald/Magomed
Gorvis Rogers vs. Cheesest Supreme
Hardcore Championship Exploding Deathmatch: Technology Cooper(C) vs Zoning Zhang
Tag Contender: Fortran COBOL/Tapas Tiempo vs. Gene Greene/Dubois
Masked Cyclist vs. Federal Bell
2/3 Falls: Ratt Middle vs. Gyro Supreme

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