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Finally, Dana White admits that he’s impressed with Jacare Souza

Finally, Dana White admits that he’s impressed with Jacare Souza

Jacare means alligator in Portuguese. That’s the MiddleEasy language lesson of the day. Come back tomorrow and find out that ‘Fedor’ is actually Russian for ‘large galactic meteorite in the shape of an overhand right.’ Those Russians, they sure do pack a lot of meaning in those strange little words.

If any of you followed Strikeforce years ago then you already know Jacare Souza was legit and had every instinctual ability to be the next UFC middleweight champion. However, good luck convincing Dana White back in the pre-ZUFFA Strikeforce days. All of those non-UFC guys were ‘bums’ that couldn’t hold a candle to guys in the UFC. Now years later those same athletes are being praised by the same guy that ripped them apart.

Remember the days when Mayhem Miller vs. Jacare Souza was the hottest rivalry in the middleweight division? My God this MMA — you’re in one day and naked in a church the next.

Check out this Sexto Round clip of Dana White and Chris Weidman giving Brazil’s Jacare Souza some much deserved props.

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