(Video) Fighter Falls From Shipping Container In Bizarre Russian MMA Fight

As always, you can expect to see some bizarre iterations of MMA particularly in Europe.


If you want to see bizarre MMA, you can always rely on the smaller promotions in Europe.

Russia is the latest host as the newly-formed “Punch Club” recently staged a “Punch Fall” fight between two competitors.

How does it work?

It involves two MMA fighters competing against each other while a referee is present…on top of a floating (and not-so-sturdy) shipping container over a creek.

With such a setting, one can only imagine one of the fighters would end up tumbling down into the water, and that’s exactly what happened.

You can watch it below:

Punch Club Host To More Bizarre MMA Fights

If you thought that was crazy or bizarre, Punch Club has more to offer.

You’ve probably heard the term “fighting in a phonebooth.” Punch Club decided to take it literally.

They also have Car Jitsu.

That said, Punch Club is not alone.

Many promotions throughout Europe have staged a number of bizarre MMA fights from 2v1 fights to fighters competing in a 9×9 cage to even intergender matchups. 

As aforementioned, if you want to see MMA in its craziest and wackiest forms, you can always rely on Europe to get your fix in.

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