Tony Ferguson Confirms Upcoming Fight News

via @tonyfergusonxt's Instagram
via @tonyfergusonxt's Instagram

Tony Ferguson Revealed Fight News Coming Soon

Tony Ferguson is hinting that his arrival back to the octagon is all but confirmed. Ferguson, who has been eyeing up a December 14th return date for over a month, tweeted the news. Showing a bat signal with the nickname “Cucuy” flashing in the sky, Tony confirms the fight news via Twitter.

The caption read, “Snap Down City!!!” Got The Signal, Champs Back!!! Fight News Coming Soon, Stay Tuned #Back2Business #WhyIOutta #KnyuckKnyuck # WooWooWooWooWooWooWooooo. Champ Shit Only MF’as!!! -XTA- Hometeam.”

The Potential of a Khabib Matchup

And immediately, fans began to wonder if the news lined up with the return of Khabib Nurmagomedov. As mentioned above, Tony said he’d like to fight before the year is over. Khabib, on the other hand, told Russian media that he would like to return in February or March.

If the matchup is against Nurmagomedov, fans won’t believe the matchup is official until both opponents are facing each other in the octagon. Also, honestly, they have every right to feel that way. The bout has been scheduled more times than any fight in UFC history but has never come to fruition. Injuries, weight cuts, and a list of other unfortunate mishaps have made it feel like the matchmaking between the two is plagued.

Other Top Contenders to be Considered

If not Khabib, who else could be in the running for fighting Ferguson? In past interviews, Tony claimed that if he weren’t fighting Khabib, he basically wasn’t going to fight. Stating that he knows his worth and the UFC would have to pay accordingly.

So, maybe the UFC threw a lot of incentives at Tony to fight once more. But if the matchup isn’t against Khabib, who could it be?

Dustin Poirier recently threw his name into the hat to take on Tony. Poirier made it very clear that if Khabib wouldn’t face Tony in December, he would happily step in and take his place.

Letting Matchmaking Play Out

Looks like we will have to wait and see until more is revealed. All things considered, if the matchup against Khabib is in the works, don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Let it play out. Allow the announcement to happen. Give the press conference time to finish. Hope the weigh-ins go smoothly. Have Bruce Buffer announce the competitor’s names who are locked in the cage. THEN get excited.

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