Fake Ass Self Defense Instructor Demonstrates How to Fight Off Two Gunmen at Point Blank Range

It’s amazing to me that in the Year of Our MMA Lord 2018 people can still be this fucking stupid.

Watch this woman demonstrate how to get shot directly in the head if you are ever in a hostage situation. Or maybe it should be called, how one woman thinks she would fight off two gunmen at point blank range.

This shit is so fucking stupid it’s nearly beyond hyperbole. You couldn’t make a statement about the stupidity of this instruction that goes too far. The instructor couldn’t possibly be giving worse advice about a more serious situation. Her technique is directly stolen from a terrible Keanu Reeves movie. This instructor might have never actually seen a gun shot in her life.

One of my favorite comments is when she remarks that she will do the technique again in slow motion. Hahahaha. As the internet comments instantly reminded her, the first time was slow enough. It’s dumbfounding to me that this woman thinks she is faster than bullets. I love how she acknowledged afterward that her tactic included getting a “concussion” from the gun’s blast, but she ignored the giant eruption of fire that also accompanies a bullet leaving a barrel. I feel like that explosion near your face is going to more than a little inconvenient

The truly baffling part of this video is that this woman is probably employed by people to learn about self-defense. Fucking hell. The real question becomes how am I not currently cashing in on my similar lack of self-defense knowledge… damn.

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