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Fabricio Werdum Has No Clue How Reebok Sponsorships Will Work But Has An Opinion

Fabricio Werdum Has No Clue How Reebok Sponsorships Will Work But Has An Opinion

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, February 8, 2015 — The MMA world is still a bit confused when it comes to the UFC and Reebok apparel deal that was finalized heading into this year and will take effect starting in June. Many MMA stars have weighed in on the deal, some applauding it, while others hesitant to claim that it is a good thing. Now UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum has weighed in on the issue and thrown his name into the hat of people who have no clue what’s going on with the Reebok deal and how it will affect anyone.

Werdum, the current UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion is essentially a house-sitter, waiting to see if Cain Velasquez returns to action in time. If he doesn’t, then Werdum can proclaim “squatter’s rights” and can find himself the fully-fledged champion. For a man with such power one would think that he would need to weigh in on every little issue that there is. Thankfully there are people asking the right questions of him out there.

When it came to the matter of the Reebok sponsorship Werdum seemed unsure of how it might work, but seemed confident that it would benefit fighters in the top ten. He goes on to add that while it might not be good for the younger fighter who has just made it to the UFC, maybe it’ll provide that extra motivation for them to climb the ranks of the UFC. Because clearly they were there to just cash a paycheck before, anyway, and that this is perhaps the best way for them to get motivated for greatness.

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