Espionage Alert: Tito Ortiz Planted a Spy Within Stephan Bonnar’s Camp

My god, if Bellator 131 wasn’t exciting enough and if you weren’t satisfied with just the Tito Ortiz and Stephan Bonnar showdown that included a masked man and shocking revelations, more has come to light this week in regards to that fight. In a shocking twist that might seem like a flight of fancy or a plot twist in a Christopher Nolan movie to some, Tito Ortiz has now claimed that his team has embedded a spy into his fight camp and that Ortiz knows everything about Bonnar’s fight camp.

I know that your mind is blown right now, but stick with me. He also went as far as to give a name for this spy and like every super villain in history, has told you the entirety of the plan before things are said and done. According to Ortiz, Dave Thompson (no, not the founder of Wendy’s) signed Bonnar to be his manager, then embedded Paul Herrera as Bonnar’s wrestling coach. They did this while both men were secretly working for Ortiz.

But of course, if you are into conspiracy theories (or Christopher Nolan films), what if this was all a setup, a way to breed distrust within the Bonnar camp and send things into disarray. What if this was a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream and then, when Bonnar is awakened, there is some doubt in his mind that he really is awake, or if he was just in another layer of a dream? Whoooooooooooooa.

Now I’m just envisioning the 1988 NES game Spy vs. Spy and I’m imagining that this is exactly how Bonnar vs. Ortiz will play out on Saturday.

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