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Eddie Bravo is not impressed by your chemtrail hoax

Eddie Bravo is not impressed by your chemtrail hoax

“Who’s f*ckin’ doing this?” Bravo says, while gazing worriedly into a sky filled with a patchwork of airline exhaust.  “These mother*cking planes are making clouds that last for days,” he continues.  “How?  Apparently from their exhaust.  Now what kind of f*ckin exhaust system does this to the sky?”

“The company that makes that exhaust system for these planes?  They should be f*ckin’ all hung.”

It is like watching YouTube’s double rainbow video but in reverse, while listening to Smoke Serpent through an acoustic glass bong.

Much to Eddie’s presumed chagrin, a guy from Devon England named Chris Bovey recently decided to troll a handful of chemtrail enthusiasts. During a flight to Buenos Aires, the airplane in which he was a passenger was forced to make an emergency landing.  As it descended, the captain dumped some excess fuel while Bovey filmed it.  He posted the video on YouTube, hoping to prank a couple friends.  He ended up pranking 1.1 million people.  He even claimed he was detained and interrogated after the plane landed.

Bovey has since admitted it was all a hoax.  And in an interview with Vice, he tried to make sense of the wild public response, saying, “I think people want to believe it, and I think people are so distrusting of the government. It says a lot about our government that people are actually prepared to believe that they would do this. It’s a lack of basic scientific understanding. It doesn’t take much research—if you go onto, you can quite easily see it explains why they’re formed.”

Why did he pull the plug on such an incredible troll?  “At the time, I was getting a little bit uncomfortable with it, partly because I didn’t want my sane friends thinking I was an idiot.”

Of course, he is likely an Illuminati operative throwing reverse-troll screwballs at a society that was just starting to pick up the chemical scent.  I blame Eddie Bravo.  If he was less worried about stalking Royler Gracie until he catches him one last time in a nursing home, and more vigilant about this poisonous conspiracy, guys like Bovey might not be deceiving us with all this talk about science.

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