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Donald Cerrone Is Ready To ‘F*cking Kick The Sh*t Outta’ Leon Edwards

Donald Cerrone Is Ready To ‘F*cking Kick The Sh*t Outta’ Leon Edwards

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone will square off against Leon “Rocky” Edwards this Saturday’s (June 23, 2018) main event of (UFC) Fight Night Singapore from Indoor Stadium. Cerrone holds 33 career wins but has lost three of his last four fights, meanwhile, British welterweight prospect Edwards, 26, has 15 career wins and has won his last five contests.

Leon Edwards has been targeting a showdown with Cerrone for over a year. He called out ‘Cowboy’ after picking his third straight win, in March 2017 at UFC Fight Night 107. Edwards has watched “Cowboy’s” every move and thought he would be a good matchup and believes it’s his time to excel the veteran fighter.

Cerrone is fully confident heading into his bout against Edwards but isn’t too fond of Leon’s arrogance and verbal jabs toward him. During his recent interview with ‘The MMAFighting‘ ‘Cowboy’ said he isn’t too impressed with Brit.

“He’s a real arrogant, cocky motherf*cker, to be honest with you,” Cerrone said. “So, I don’t know, we’ll see, but I’m not too impressed with him at all. We were out doing a media tour, he was just really vocal and angry the whole time, just wanted to be mad and had nothing but just rude-ass comments to say.

“I was like, damn, man, I’m a f*cking veteran in this sport. You’re talking about you’re just going to steamroll me, and I’m old, you’re new. And it’s like, damn, okay, sure. I told him, ‘You’re gonna have to go home and tell your momma an old, slow dude beat your ass.’

“That’s alright though. He’s not that bold, he’s not talking sh*t to my face like that. I’ll beat the f*ck outta anybody. I’ll f*cking kick the sh*t outta you, let’s not get that confused.”

Conor Mcgregor, Chael Sonnen and now Colby Covington made there name in the department of trash talk.

Edwards also following the same path doing talking trash in the build-up of his fight with Cerrone. However, “Cowboy” favors to play it cool and advice his opponent to avoid such approach.

“[He’s trying to] convince himself,” Cerrone said. “He’s saying that I’m trying to become his friend because that way I feel like the beating is just going to be less. I was like, oh my God, you’re so weird.

“I tried to explain to him, I said, ‘Look, man. The Colby Covington approach, you look like a f*cking asshole. You look like a complete f*cking d**k. Why would you want that? Why would you want people to think that you’re a d**k? Be a good guy. Why would you want to be the angry fighter?’ Like, sure, fighting is what we do in our sport, but, dude, we’re also cool people.

“Conor (McGregor) is a whole different demon, that son of a b*tch went in there and did it and backed it all up. That’s a whole different animal of its own. But Colby [and others are] trying to emulate it and I don’t know what the hell’s going on.”

Do you think Cerrone will surpass Edwards at UFC Fight Night 132?

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