UFC On ESPN+ 9 Results: Donald Cerrone Defeats Al Iaquinta In A Violent Stand-Up Affair! (Highlights)

Cowboy Def Al Iaquinta
Al Iaquinta -Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone Outstrikes Al Iaquinta For A Unanimous Decision Win After Five Rounds Of War!

UFC on ESPN+ 9 is taking place live now (Saturday, May 4, 2019)  from inside Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The event is headlined by the Lightweight bout between the former UFC 155-pound title contender Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone and TUF 15 finalist “Raging” Al Iaquinta.

The referee in charge for this contest is Jerin Valel. The fight is underway.

Round 1

Fighters touch gloves. Iaquinta keeps his hands high. Sidekick miss Iaquinta. Low kick Iaquinta. Cerrone misses with a 1-2 combo. Body jab missed by Iaquinta. Great middle kick Al. Cerrone fires back, good low kick.

Great right hand to the head Iaquinta. Good exchange on both sides, Cerrone moves well and escapes. Cerrone misses again.

Middle kick Cerrone Iaquinta fires back with a body shot. Iaquinta circles around, and misses with an overhand right. Cerrone moves his head well. Cerrone misses 1-2 combo.

Low kick Cerrone, high kick blocked. Iaquinta fires a jab to the chin, missed by a hair. Awesome counter by Iaquinta, this was excellent, he grabbed Cerrone’s leg!

Cerrone goes for a left high kick and misses. It seems Cerrone is swollen! Wow, fantastic exchange, big right hand by Iaquinta, Cerrone returns.

Left high kick Cerrone. Wow, Iaquinta went for a takedown, “Cowboy” counters with a brutal right knee. Iaquinta survives!!! What is this guy made of?!

Cerrone feints the left high kick. 10-9 Cerrone, the end of the round.

Cerrone’s corner asks for a right hook to the body, followed by a punch to the head.

Round 2

Iaquinta keeps going forward, eats a big right hand. Overhand right blocked by Cerrone, good low kick. Cerrone goes for a right low kick but eats a big right straight!!!

Good jab Cerrone. Iaquinta is cut! Low kick Cerrone. Cerrone blocks a right low kick by Iaquinta. 1-2 combo Iaquinta.

Great inside low kick by Donald, this had to hurt. Wow, Iaquinta lands three big strikes to the head!!! Cerrone fires back, good straight right. Low kick Iaquinta, Cerrone counters. Iaquinta ducks under a dangerous overhand right. Iaquinta keeps going forward.

1-2 combo Iaquinta, excellent exchange on both sides. Right high kick Iaquinta, ends up in Cerrone’s guard. Strong low kick Cerrone. Front kick Cerrone missed by a hair. Cerrone checks right low kick well. Iaquinta keeps his hands low, this might cost him a lot, he just ate a big punch to the head!

Fantastic left punch to the head Iaquinta, strong low kick Cerrone, Iaquinta counters and Cerrone wobbles! The end of the round, 10-9 Iaquinta.

Round 3

Fighters touch gloves. Front kick Iaquinta missed. Iaquinta goes for an overhand right and misses again. Left low kick Iaquinta, Cerrone goes for a right high kick but no luck this time.

Good jab Cerrone, Iaquinta bleeds! Body kick Cerrone, Iaquinta changes levels. An outstanding 1-2 combo Iaquinta but his nose looks really bad, the doctor could stop this!

Left low kick Iaquinta. Jab to the face Cerrone. Another jab. Iaquinta circles around and attempts another overhand right. Not this time!

Cerrone lands a big left low kick, Iaquinta fires back. Iaquinta went for a single leg takedown, Cerrone moved away. Front kick to the head Cerrone. Iaquinta lands a good body shot.

Wonderful front punch by Cerrone, Iaquinta wobbles! Iaquinta lands a big punch to the head, great match! Left high kick Cerrone, Iaquinta blocks. Wonderful high kick attempt Cerrone, he lost his balance but got up immediately.

Cerrone defends right hand well. Low kick Cerrone. Right high kick Cerrone, blocked by Iaquinta. Cerrone is a very creative fighter, he mixed strikes well.

Cerrone delivers a big jab, Iaquinta goes down!

Donald delivers brutal elbows off the top. The end of the round, 10-9 Cerrone! Saved by the bell.

Round 4

Cerrone delivers a big left low kick. Iaquinta misses with a body shot.

Front kick to the face by Cerrone and Iaquinta is knocked down!

Cerrone attacks Iaquinta on the mat but Al gets up again!!! Cerrone is patient. A good uppercut to the body Donald. Iaquinta still stands, this man is made of iron. Jab to the nose “Cowboy”.

Great left high kick Cerrone, ends up in Iaquinta’s guard. Excellent front hand Iaquinta. Left low kick Cerrone, followed by a body shot. Left high kick Cerrone, blocked by “Raging” Al. Right cross Cerrone. An outstanding uppercut Donald Cerrone, he controls this fight!

1-2 combo Cerrone, Iaquinta pulls back. Right hand blocked by Iaquinta. Front kick Cerrone. Iaquinta lands a left hand to the body. Right low kick Cerrone, Iaquinta switches stance. Left high kick, Cerrone, Iaquinta went for a single leg takedown, stuffed.

Cerrone punishes Iaquinta again, three fast punches. Right front kick misses by Cerrone. Iaquinta grabs Cerrone’s right leg, but “Cowboy” escapes well. 10-9 Cerrone.

Cerrone’s corner is clear – stick to the game plan, keep using the same strategy. Iaquinta is cut badly! The doctor inspects Iaquinta and allows him to continue.

Round 5

Fighters touch gloves, Iaquinta must go for a KO. Cerrone retreats, good low kick. Great jabs by Cerrone, Iaquinta misses with an overhand right. Great low kick Cerrone.

Overhand right landed by Iaquinta, this was a strong strike! Wow, another big right by “Raging” Al! Iaquinta keeps missing over and over, eats a right low kick.

Low kick Iaquinta, Cerrone fires back with a low kick to the inside. Left high kick, Cerrone, he countered the punch to the head well. Excellent exchange on both sides, this is war!

Right front kick Cerrone, followed by a right punch to the head. Al looks rocked, but he continues to move. Low kick Cerrone.

Al’s face is completely covered in blood!!! Good middle kick. 1-2 combo Cerrone, Al returns with a strong jab. Excellent combo Cerrone, these punches landed. Low kick Donald.

Strong low kick Cerrone, Iaquinta goes for a takedown, stuffed. Cerrone keeps moving, Iaquinta delivers a left hand to the body. Right high kick Cerrone, blocked. Wow, this right high kick by Iaquinta was awesome!!!

Cerrone goes forward, it turns into a wild brawl! Both fighters trading shots, Cerrone misses with a flying knee, Iaquinta falls on the canvas, Donald is on the top of him. The end of the match, 10-9 Cerrone.

Check out the highlights below:

Cowboy calls for a title shot:

Final Result: Donald Cerrone wins Al Iaquinta via unanimous decision (49-45,49-45, 49-46)

 Donald Cerrone improves the score to 36-11, 1 NC MMA; 23-8 UFC, Al Iaquinta drops to 14-5-1 MMA, 9-4 UFC).

Published on May 4, 2019 at 8:15 pm
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