Don’t go Zombie. DON’T GO.

As if the ongoing battle with being an MMA fan wasn’t enough turmoil for my little heart, it’s about to be broken yet again.

I’ve watched too much damn crazy shit that has shocked me to my core. Jon Jones broke Shogun to STEAL that belt. Mayhem Miller manhandled Sakuraba. Anderson Silva’s leg bent around Weidman’s knee of destruction like it was made of playdough. This shit takes its toll.

Now I’m adding something to the list that I just don’t want to see. The Korean Zombie is leaving us, and as a sports fan it’s my god given right to take this to heart. Chan Sung Jung is one of my favourite fighters, he’s a ruthless zombie-like being that charges forward into the most devastating of punches. His disregard for his own health has lead to some of the most fun fights in the featherweight division, and with that it’s hard not to love him, or think how incredible a fight between him and Conor McGregor would be.

For the next two years, Chan Sung Jung will put his MMA career on hold to serve his national service for the South Korean Army. This may be upsetting, but many countries still have a national service, and think how much of a bad ass he will be when he comes back in 2017 or thereabouts. He’s only 27 years old, so he may not have even reached his prime yet. I trust he will come back better than ever.


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