MMA Rundown

Video: Dominick Cruz Has Literally Hacked into Cody Garbrandt’s Matrix in This Awesome Edit

They fight, they bite, they bite and fight and bite, bite, bite, bite, fight, fight, fight, it’s the Cruz and Garbrandt Show. Cody Garbrandt has tried to fight Dominick Cruz about every damn place he has seen him: On the FOX set, passing each other in the back hallway, during an interview and probably in more places we don’t even know about. It seems like the only place Garbrandt can’t fight with Cruz is in his mind. …Whoa.

The cerebral assassin has set up a cozy, little spot in Garbrandt’s mainframe. He’s got like, a condo in there with a loft. It has wi-fi. Starbucks is down the street right past the medulla oblongata. Cruz is Neo in and out of the Octagon, that is why this edit had to be done.

Mind games are finally over and the combat will now occur in our physical reality. No blue pill or red pill, I mean, unless you pop pills to watch MMA which I do not recommend. Although, LSD might be pretty interesting to watch Cruz’s footwork.

Let’s enjoy one last ninja kick to the brain.