Dana isn’t happy. All the times Conor McGregor was mentioned at the UFC 200 presser in one video

The main event of UFC 200 has been decided but what it really needs is more Conor McGregor. Conor. The Ultimate Fighting Conors is what the MMA world truly craves. 200 different forms of Conor fighting 200 other incarnations of Conor should fill the entire 17 hour card for UFC 200 Conors.


With the UFC and McGregor still in the midst of a pissing contest, a giant green/orange/white screaming cloud is hanging over the entire UFC 200 fight card. Fight fans, MMA media, fellow UFC fighters, and even UFC president Dan White all kind of miss Conor McGregor competing at the biggest pay per view in the company’s history.

UFC 100 had Zuffa’s two biggest box office draws in the main and co-main event slots while UFC 200 is currently Rousey, McGregor, GSP and Diaz free. Hash tag you don’t know what Conor you got until that Conor is gone. Conor.

Pour a 40 out and watch this video of Conor McGregor’s name invading the UFC 200 press conference.


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