Curtis Blaydes Doesn’t Think Cain Velasquez Should Be Freed Right Away: “He Has To Get Some Type Of Time”

Blaydes believes Cain Velasquez needs to serve time in prison, following his attempted murder charge.

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Curtis Blaydes doesn’t condone Cain Velasquez’s recent actions

The former UFC Heavyweight champion was arrested on February 28th, after he chased down and shot at accused pedophile Harry Goularte Jr. Goularte was accused of molesting Velasquez’s child ‘100 times’. In his hunt for revenge, Velasquez would engage Goularte in a car chase, but would end up shooting Goularte’s stepfather instead. He survived the gunshot wound. 

Velasquez has since been arrested and denied bail. If convicted, the UFC star could face more than 20 years in prison

‘He has To Get Some Type Of Time’

UFC Heavyweight Curtis Blaydes understands why Cain did what he did, but wishes he didn’t. Blaydes also believes Velasquez should serve some time in prison for his 10+ charges. 

“I get it. I have a daughter, I get it,” Blaydes told LowKick MMA. “I would spaz but I wish he hadn’t done it because I know everyone is like ‘Free Cain’, he shouldn’t go to jail and I believe that morally he was in the right but we have laws in America.

“He has to get some type of time. You can’t just be like, ‘OK, you’re free.’ I wouldn’t be angry if they did that I just don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Blaydes Wishes Cain Had Better People Around Him

Blaydes thinks Cain’s circle of friends and family could have potentially prevented him from hunting down the accused pedophile. It wouldn’t be easy to prevent one of the greatest heavyweights of all time from seeking his own justice, but ‘Razor’ thinks more could have been done to stop him. 

“I wish he had better people around him,” Blaydes added. “[They] would be like, ‘Yo, I get it but you can’t’. He needs someone to hold him down. I know he’s a big guy. I know he’s an ex-UFC heavyweight champion, but someone has to get into a fist fight with him in order to stop him from doing this. If that’s your homie, you’ve got to do it.”

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