(Video) Randy Couture Believes Jon Jones Could End GOAT Debate with Heavyweight Title

UFC Randy Couture recently stated that Jon Jones could stop all GOAT debates if he was able to pull off winning the heavyweight title.

Screenshot of Randy Couture via HBO
Screenshot of Randy Couture via HBO

Who is the MMA GOAT? Khabib Nurmagomedov recently retired, which once again has sparked the GOAT conversation in the sport of mixed martial arts. Every time one of the greats has stellar performances, the all-time pound for pound rankings shakes up. Many people currently have Khabib as their all-time great after he was able to easily dismantle Justin Gaethje at UFC 254. According to Randy Couture, Jon Jones can end the GOAT debate if he wins the heavyweight title.

Choosing a GOAT

While Jones has an impressive resume, fans take away points for his various stints with the law and run-ins with USADA. Comparing both resumes, fans can choose their criteria for GOAT. Is it dominance over a long period of time? Or, is it flawless execution and winning dominantly every single fight?

Randy Couture on Jon Jones GOAT Status

The case for GOAT is up to the fans to decide, but, Randy Couture believes Jones can make the case for GOAT undeniable. 

“I think Jon Jones is right there. I think if Jon really wants to solidify himself as pound-for-pound, he needs to go up to heavyweight and he needs to take a shot at winning that title,” Couture said. “And, then that erases any argument that anybody could have. He’s a two-division champ. He’s been dominant in the light heavyweight division for a long time now.” 

“I think that’s something that Jones needs to look at, and really solidly his legacy in the sport by going up and winning the heavyweight division and showing just how technically proficient and athletic he is.”

Moving to Heavyweight 

Jones has already vacated his UFC light heavyweight title in hopes of moving up to the heavyweight division. Especially because it feels like a fight against Adesanya isn’t in the near future. However, it’ll be a long process of healthy weight gaining. Additionally, finding the correct opponent to make a statement within the new division. If Jon ever wins the heavyweight title, the GOAT conversation becomes easier in regards to making his case.

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