Paulo Costa Lists Pre-Fight Injury As Excuse for Loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 253

Paulo Costa took to social media to say that a pre-existing injury held him back at UFC 253 and that in a rematch against Adesanya, it'll go differently.

Image of Paulo Costa: via @borrachinhamma instagram
Image of Paulo Costa: via @borrachinhamma instagram

Paulo Costa was remarkably unsettled with Israel Adesanya after losing to Adesanya at UFC 253. During the fight, Adesanya was able to easily dismantle the challenger, embarrassing him as he cruised to victory without breaking a sweat. Immediately after the 2nd round TKO victory, the camera captured Adesanya humping Costa on the ground while he was recovering from the beating. Paulo felt completely disrespected after the embarrassing loss. However, now Costa is saying that an injury before the fight hindered his performance. 

UFC 253

Adesanya (20-0) obliterated Costa (13-1) in the second round of their fight via TKO. And, to add insult to injury, it was virtual with no resistance met from Paulo. Adesanya then went on to address his haters and call out Jared Canonnier as his future opponent. But, the beef between the men wasn’t settled after the final bell. In fact, it started the next chapter. 

Costa Reveals Injury Before Adesanya Fight 

Costa recently took to social media to address the loss. In the video, he stated that he was hurt before the fight, and now he is more focused than ever.

“I’m obsessed (with) training And Adesanya, stop sending some friendly messages to me,” Costa said. “I don’t want to be your friend. I want to kill you. I Want to kill you. A lot of bad things happen before our fight. I was hurt before the fight. Not sleeping. A lot of things. But I’m not here to excuse, I’m here to say to you, next time will be different.”

Adesanya Reacts to Costa Injury Claim

Once fans heard the message, they assessed the situation for themselves. The majority of fans on Twitter believe that Costa was making excuses. And, from his response, so does Adesanya. 

“Sounds like excuses to me…,” wrote Adesanya. Lol I tried to be nice lowkey, in case he was suicidal. Paulo you haven’t even accepted that fact that you got schooled by the skinny guy who you kept trying to pick on. Now I’m a bully, but at least I’m nice. Your fragile ego cannot fathom how this “Skinny Clown” was able to beat you so easily. Humble yourself and learn from this so you might grow as a person. Train all you want, you’ll never ever beat me. I own your mind now cuz you’ll be obsessed with me forever, like my ex. Say all you want bout me…
Doesn’t matter, still smeshed!!

Lobbying For a Rematch 

Usually, a fighter who loses a title fight in such fashion would have to work his way back to title contention. Perhaps one or two more decisive victories in the division will allow Costa the opportunity to challenge Adesanya in the future. But, will the conditions of their back and forth garner enough interest for an immediate rematch? Only time will tell. 


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