Cormier vs. Jones EA UFC glitch has the markings of divine prophecy

In 1978, the Holy Catholic Church created some ground rules for judging the legitimacy of appearances of the Virgin Mary.  They deemed it the “Norms of the Congregation for Proceeding in Judging Alleged Apparitions and Revelations.”  And to this day, a diocesan bishop can be seen now and then evaluating the Holy Mother’s face in a block of butter, or in the fluffy rear end of a Labrador Retriever.  But divine prophecy is probably the sort of thing even a common fellow will know when he sees.  It has a numinous quality that transcends normal experience, poking at the God-shaped hole in his spiritual trousers until there is no doubt that he has made contact with the supernatural.

This EA UFC glitch no doubt has the markings of divinity, perhaps an omen of the apocalyptic quality of UFC 182.  After all, the fight was delayed after Jon Jones screamed like a prophet at the MGM Grand, later denounced as a criminal by the Romanesque tribunal at Nike Corporate.  But as he promised, he will return soon, and in this spiritually-charged video, he hovers in the crucifix position, awaiting his transfiguration and ultimate ascension, where he will sit judging the world for all eternity at the right hand of the MMA Gods.


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