Conor McGregor talks about same-sex marriage equality so MMA fans attack him online about it

Are we witnessing a Conor McGregor baby face turn? The notorious belt stealing, tiger tattooing, cage climbing son of a gun decided to take to social media to wield the power of social change. Seems reasonable enough.

Supporting his teammates at SBG Ireland, McGregor released a picture showing where he stands on Ireland’s same-sex marriage referendum vote on Friday May 22nd.

The Telegraph UK further explains what a “yes” vote would mean in McGregor’s homeland.

“A “Yes” vote will effectively ratify the Marriage Equality Bill 2015 which was passed by Ireland’s parliament, the Dail, by overwhelming majorities in March.

A big step for any country; let alone Ireland, with its strong Catholic heritage. If Irish voters back the Bill – and current polls suggest they will – then Ireland will be the first country in the world to pass marriage equality by a popular, national vote. Historic indeed.”

McGregor is all about making history. Armed with a really cool comic book rendition of him and his SBG team plus a video of head coach John Kavanagh talking to his dad about the bill, the UFC featherweight number one contender used his MMA celebrity for a cause he believes in.

First McGregor tweeted this

Then these alleged fans of MMA tweeted this

Lucky for The Internet most if not all of the hundreds of acts of trolling on McGregor were whipped away from twitter. McGregor the politician? Social activist with a tiger tattoo? Maybe for the first question and yes on the second for the new McGregor.

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