Conor McGregor Tweet Possibly Hints At UFC Octagon Return

via Conor McGregors Instagram
via Conor McGregors Instagram

McGregor’s Cryptic Tweet Shocks the Internet

When Conor McGregor tweets, people listen. Not only do they hear, but they also respond. Typing a message to the fans is the best way to generate a response on social media. So, when McGregor pressed ‘send’ on his last tweet, he knew that he would shock the world. Conor simply tweeted a date and location.

Fans and media have begun to accurately speculate what the tweet meant. Many believe it’s the day that Conor McGregor would make his UFC octagon return.

Last night, Mcgregor Put Out the Tweet

The tweet said, “Dublin, December 14th.”

Since that moment, the speculation has been brewing across the MMA world. Some think that it would be the day for Conor to return to the UFC octagon.

If that were the case, part of the tweet would not be true.

While the UFC 245 card is scheduled on the day mentioned, it’s not slated to be in Dublin, Ireland. The event is booked to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada inside the T-Mobile Arena.

Other have said that in the tweet, Conor was speaking to the city of Dublin. Instead of telling everyone he was fighting in Dublin, he was notifying them of the date of his return.

“Maybe he is telling Dublin he may be fighting on this date, but not in Dublin… just a guess. Idk,” said a fan.

Which honestly seems like the most logical of the scenarios mentioned. After all, all of Dublin usually shows up when he fights and since it’s been a while, it wouldn’t hurt to notify them.

It’s also possible that Conor is hinting at a release date for one of his many endeavors. Whether it’s Proper 12 or August McGregor, a new flavor of whiskey or a new line of suits could be on the docket.

 The McGregor Fast World Games

Conor has also been tweeting a lot lately about the McGregor Fast World Games. McGregor Fast is an online cardiovascular performance program that’s available for consumers to purchase. The date Conor tweeted could very well be the date that the games are taking place.

Conor’s Influence

Whatever it is, Conor still has the fans in the palm of his hands. Regardless of his recent troubles, or if he is competing in the Octagon when the self-proclaimed king speaks, the world listens.

What do you think the date and location mean in the tweet? Let us know in the comments below.

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