Colby Covington Threatens To Confront Joe Rogan In Chicago!

It looks like Colby Covington slowly takes the title from Conor McGregor and Diaz brothers when it comes to trash-talking and threatening. Face-to-face confrontations are not his specialty – just remember the press-conference between him and Kamaru Usman.

But Covington has found a new victim – Joe Rogan! A long-time UFC color commentator known for his controversial and funny comments caught Covington’s attention. They will face in “Windy City” this month, but Colby Covington will probably have an excuse to delay the execution. However, here is his threat. (via

“His little mouth was trying to run and say things when he shouldn’t have an opinion,” Covington told Radio. “You’ve never been in an Octagon, you don’t have any experience fighting. He thinks he has a say in everything and he’s a biased announcer as it is.”

“Just because you do these little Tae Kwon Do tournaments and you can’t even get first place in those, doesn’t mean you can come talk to the ‘King of Chaos,’ AKA the new welterweight king on June 9th. I got something to say to him and I’m going to say something when I see him face-to-face in Chicago.”

Colby Covington and Joe Rogan have already had a confrontation before. Rogan warned him about the way he talks about Jon Jones, and the possible consequences he might face. The famous commentator claimed Bones is one of the most dangerous fighters ever in the world of mixed martial arts.

This is probably an empty threat, and Covington will probably focus on the co-main event of the evening in Chicago on June 9, where he needs to face an amazing Brazilian fighter, Rafael dos Anjos. Covington has already trash-talked dos Anjos on Thursday.

What do you think, what will happen when Joe Rogan and Colby Covington stand next to each other? Well, we can bet “Chaos” magically won’t be able to remember his words.

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