Video: Colby Covington responds to CM Punk calling him a racist

Breaking news coming across the MiddleEasy news wire, folks think Colby Covington is racist. You don’t say?

This is like your 90-year-old racist, chain smoking, salty as hell Grandma confessing to her lifelong racism at her 91st birthday party. Shocking stuff right here.

So Colby Covington and CM Punk are beefing about race relations in the United States in the year of our Fight Lord 2018. This truly is the worst timeline.

Look, behind closed doors Covington is probably super racist and it would completely fit with his front of the house persona. The problem with this beef is there is no way to settle it.

On the mic, Punk would crossover Colby and break his ankles twice over. While in the cage, Covington could crush Punk with one hand tied behind his back; maybe both hands.

For all of Colby’s many, many, many, many flaws why did it take a pro wrestler moonlighting as a MMA fighter to call him out on his shit? This week on the Ariel Helwani show, Punk flatly stated that he felt Colby’s promotional tactics were rooted in racist rhetoric. Not exactly earth shattering stuff but Punk said it before anyone else in the UFC’ welterweight division did.

Sitting down with MMA media member James Lynch, Colby made some decent points but they were all lost in his attempts to be edgy. So what we’re saying is it was a typical Covington response and at the end of day he didn’t even deny being racist.


Very on brand Colby, this response will do well with his low level base of supporters who are also probably openly racist when they think no one is around.

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