Cody Garbrandt is still going on a wild rant, burying USADA and drug testing along the way

Cody Garbrandt USADA

Cody Garbrandt is a madman. In the span of few days No Love’s world has crumbled around him.

As of this very moment of all of Garbrandt’s career losses have come at the hands of known PED users. Life’s rough like that. Garbrandt’s two knockout losses to TJ Dillashaw sting just a little more this week.

Sure Garbrandt fought and lost with his hands down, his chin high up in the air, but something about PEDs made him do it. In 2019, PEDs are so powerful that they make clean fighters completely forget about defense.

Wild times.

Now, because it’s the thing to do, Cody Garbrandt is ranting against the USADA overlords. Some if it makes sense. While some of it is just Cody spiraling down a rabbit hole of failed UFC drug policies.

Remember the fighters had zero say in what UFC and USADA chooses to do or not do.

The frozen pee defense. Cody tried to warn everyone and USADA just took him for another dude with neck tats. The MMA world should have listened to Cody and maybe MMA history could have been rewritten.

Then Cody talked some more.

And more

And even more

Then Cody just started inventing words to get his point across.

The good old fool proof system. Why don’t all sports just do that?

At the end of the day Cody Garbrandt is never getting his wins back and it sucks. Cody’s career is now completely off track. TJ’s career is frozen until 2021. Nobody wins, expect those of us who are fans of former UFC champions losing their minds on Twitter over some PEDs.

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