Clay Guida professed his love for The Big Lebowski to us at Lebowski Fest

The late 90’s was a great time for movies. Saving Private Ryan, Blade, The Matrix, Shakespeare in Love, just seeing if you’re paying attention. Most of those were classics, well at least that’s my opinion, but it was March of 1998 when the Coen Brothers decided to drop the greatest gem of them all, “The Big Lebwoski.” Never truly appreciated at the time of its release The Big Lebowski was glossed over by moviegoers and critics alike. When the film was released it was considered tired and crude but over the years opinions have changed and the film has built a cult following of die-hard fans that would make Jim Jones jealous.

One of those die-hard fans is non-other then UFC’s own, “The Carpenter” himself, Clay Guida. It only makes sense that a man who resembles a younger, tattooed version Jeff Bridges would take a liking to the Coen Brothers classic. And just like the 1998 comedy, Guida has been underappreciated by the masses and yet has managed to build a cult following over the years. By actions alone you would never assume a connection between the always-energetic Guida and the tranquil Jeff Lebowski but if one looks closer they can see the “The Carpenter” is really “The Dude” personified. He’s even in character for this interview we nabbed while we attended Lebowski Fest 2014.

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