Charles Oliveira Hits Back At Justin Gaethje Calling: “I’m Going To Knock Him Out”

'Do Bronx' has responded to Justin Gaethje labelling him a "quitter"

Charles Oliveira, Justin Gaethje
Credit: Charles Oliveira, Justin Gaethje (via Facebook & Twitter)
  • Charles Oliveira has hit back at Justin Gaethje for labeling him a “quitter” with a bold prediction
  • Oliveira states that he does not care about what Gaethje says

UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira will defend his title against challenger Justin Gaethje this weekend. ‘Do Bronx’ has had a long journey to becoming the divisional king. After numerous setbacks in his career, the 32-year-old fighter finally captured the promotional gold against Michael Chandler at UFC 262.

Charles Oliveira predicts a KO

Ahead of the main event at UFC 272, the heat between Oliveira and Gaethje has continued to escalate during the build-up. ‘Highlight’ called the Brazilian a “quitter” as he planned to dethrone the reigning king of 155 lbs weight class.

In a recent interview with The Schmo, Charles Oliveira responded to Justin Gaethje’s comments with an unflinching prediction.

When Schmo probed Oliveira about Gaethje calling him a quitter, he said,

“I’m blessed, I was chosen by the Lord to do what I do.” Oliveira then turned to look directly at the camera, and with an intense look on his face, said, “He can talk whatever he wants to talk. The hype, the talk doesn’t bother me at all. I’m here to focus on what I’m going to do.”

He was also asked if Gaethje is the toughest challenge he’s faced so far. Oliveira recognized his power and gave him credit for having a strong right hand. Without discounting the abilities of his opponent, ‘do Bronx’ mentioned that he has power as well and boldly stated that he will knock Gaethje out.

“I’m the champion of the division. I don’t care what he says,” Oliveira added.

Oliveira’s thoughts on Chandler vs. Ferguson

Another big fight on a card stacked to the brim with action is that of Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson. Oliveira has beaten both men in the past and believes that the one more willing to fight will win.

Gaethje and Oliveira have competed and won against both Chandler and Ferguson. ‘El Cucuy’ was on an impressive 12-fight win streak when Gaethje handed him a savage loss.

Chandler lost to Oliveira last May and dropped a second one to Gaethje in the fight of the year. While Chandler looks to recover from his two losses, Ferguson will also want to get back to winning ways having lost three in a row. It could be a career-changing fight for one of them as the other will be eliminated from title contention.


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