Chael Sonnen Reveals Says Khabib Called Him To Make Michael Chandler Fight Islam Makhachev

Chael Sonnen Says He Got A Phone Call From Khabib Nurmagomedov In Regards To Islam Makhachev And Michael Chandler

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Chael Sonnen has one of the most popular YouTube channels in MMA. Khabib Nurmagomedov decided to use this to his advantage, asking Chael to deliver a very important message for him.

Over the years, Sonnen has been able to successfully grow his YouTube channel in a way that has left others captivated with his success. He has a fairly straightforward concept, but he has been giving hot takes for years with fans eating them up. Although sometimes they seem a bit far off the mark, he still manages to have an enormous audience always willing to listen to what he has to say.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Asks Chael Sonnen To Deliver A Message

The fact that Chael Sonnen has a massive following is something that lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov wanted to use to his advantage, but not for his own benefit. According to a video that Chael uploaded, Khabib gave him a phone call recently, asking him to deliver a message to his fans. This message was about his teammate and fellow lightweight, Islam Makhachev, trying to get him a fight with UFC newcomer Michael Chandler.

“I got a phone call from Khabib,” Sonnen said. “I’ve known Khabib a number of years, he’s never called me before. He said, ‘Chael, I watch your videos, I need to tell you something. I want to make this very clear.’ He said, ‘There’s no one I’m closer to than Islam.’ And he said, ‘I’m telling you right now, if Michael Chandler beats Islam, I will view Michael Chandler the number one contender, and I want you to get the message out.’ I said, ‘OK, Khabib, when I get the message out, I’m gonna say you called me, you told me this.’ He goes, ‘That’s what I’m doing. Get that message out.'”

From there, Sonnen goes on to explain that he looks at Khabib as the type of person to fight who he feels is the rightful contender. So if he were to say that Chandler, who was signed to the UFC and immediately slated as a backup for Khabib’s fight with Justin Gaethje, is the number one contender, then he will be more than willing to face him. Moreover this gives Islam Makhachev a boost in visibility and credibility, which also sevres to make Khabib happy. 

It is clear that Khabib wants Islam Makhachev to fight Michael Chandler, something that the former Bellator champ has not seemed interested in. It will be curious to see if using Chael Sonnen as a microphone for these efforts will help get the fight done.

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