Cat Zingano tells Joe Rogan the story of fighting in the UFC cage while she was on antidepressants

Cat Zingano strong af

We can here to here UFC bantamweight Cat Zingano talk about her experiences with antidepressants and the she went right into a story about fighting at UFC 200 while on medication? Amazing.

It takes a certain mindset to become a MMA fighter. It takes different one to become a pro fighter and an even more evolved set of abilities to reach top five (top two) in the world status.

In a way its kind of humbling to hear the baddest, most elite mother fuckers on the planet going through the same type of struggles as the rest of mankind.

We’ve heard Cat Zingano’s road to becoming one of the best MMA fighters in the world, its been documented on film, and the more you hear it the wilder it gets. Stepping into the cage, in your comeback fight, at UFC 200, while taking antidepressants is next level kind of stuff.

As always props to Zingano for opening up and spreading the word about mental health issues even MMA fighters go through.

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