Can’t stop looking at this pic of Nick and Nate Diaz smiling with Leonardo DiCaprio

The Revenant would have been better if they gave Leonardo DiCaprio nunchuks. Because its UFC 196 week and because Leonardo DiCaprio just won an Oscar, it only makes sense that Leo chills with the Diaz brothers as well. Wait, what?

From an Oscar weekend party, we have Nick and Nate Diaz taking a MMA fist pose picture with DiCaprio. The Diaz brothers gave DiCaprio tips on how to defeat a 900 pound grizzly bear using only chuks and twin sai knifes. In turn DiCaprio and his beard gave Nate Diaz some of that Oscar award winning karma before his UFC 196 fight with Conor McGregor.

Hanging with DiCaprio makes the Diaz bros super happy.

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