BREAKING: Media Falling All Over Themselves to Declare Jon Jones the Best Ever

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, January 4th, 2015 — Last night was a historic night for the UFC at UFC 182 where Jon “Bones” Jones defending his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship of the World against Daniel “DC” Cormier in an epic five-round affair. After months of stagnation and lackluster cards the UFC presented one of the most-hyped fights in UFC history, with that fight delivering on many levels. It was a five round brawl that saw Jon Jones edge out the victory over Daniel Cormier after months of trash talk built up to the fight.

In what we believe was a secret, closed-door meeting of the Fraternal Order of the MMA Media last night after the fight, the MMA Media and select fans have been falling all over themselves to quickly declare Jon Jones as the greatest MMA fighter of all time after the win over Cormier. Jones is one of the most gifted athletes that the UFC has at the moment and currently sits comfortably with a record of 21-1. Jon Jones replaces the formerly-unstoppstable Anderson Silva as the greatest of all time, who had replaced Fedor Emelianenko as the greatest of all time previously.

From what we understand Jones will occupy this position until he ages a bit and finally is defeated in the ring, when all of his victories will become dubious and questionable. Then, his win over former Middleweights Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort will come into question and be seen as “not that big of a deal,” as will his victory over the “unproven” Glover Teixeira or the gift victory over Alexander Gustafsson, whom many believe actually won that fight. At this point the MMA Media and fans will accurately point out that Jon Jones never really beat anyone of value, just like we are able to look back and ascertain that Anderson Silva was not actually unstoppable, he just was in a crappy division or how Fedor Emelianenko’s crazy, ten-year win-streak was not in the UFC so it didn’t matter.

But for now we bask in the glory that is Jon Jones and his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. From what we understand UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman is on deck to be the best of all time as long as he defeats Vitor Belfort and then, well, some other guy, it doesn’t really matter. He just needs to be ready for that moment when Jon Jones loses and he will ascend to the much-coveted position of best of all time. Fans and pundits have already blocked out inconsequential wins over Tom Lawlor and Mark Munoz for the time being, but are readily prepared to quickly turn on those victories once the time is right.

This is truly an exciting time to be a fan of Mixed Martial Arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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