Michael Bisping Says He’d Re-do GSP Fight, Would Have Retired After Win

Michael Bisping hosted a Q&A on social media where he revealed he would re-do the GSP fight and would have retired if he would have won.

Image of Michael Bisping and GSP via Youtube screenshot
Image of Michael Bisping and GSP via Youtube screenshot

Michael Bisping isn’t a man of many regrets. However, if Bisping could have a do-over on any part of his career, it would be how he fought Georges St Pierre. In fact, “The Count” took to social media to admit that he would have changed the way he fought GSP and if he would have one,  he would have retired.

Georges St-Pierre returned to the UFC after a four-year hiatus. In dramatic fashion, he became the fourth man to win belts in two different weight divisions in the UFC.

St-Pierre moved up to the middleweight division to challenge Michael Bisping at UFC 217. Initially, he did seem to struggle at the beginning of the fight. However,  he was able to sink in a fight-ending rear-naked choke in the third round. It was such a remarkable performance from GSP and made a legacy once again.

Bisping on GSP Fight

Recently on social media, Bisping was asked about the fight. During a Q&A, he answered a host of questions about his career.

“Pick one fight you could do over?,” wrote KenMc_090 on Twitter. 

“GSP,” wrote Bisping.

Shortly after, another fan asked what would have happened if Bisping won against St Pierre.

“If you beat GSP, would you have retired that night?” wrote AdamBrianJones_

“Yes,” replied Bisping.

2 Great Legacies 

After the fight, the conversation continued about St. Pierre’s greatness. Now, Georges is often regarded as one of the best fighters of all time. In fact, many fans have him on their Mount Rushmore. Unfortunately, he wasn’t always viewed through that lens. And, he had to earn everything from the UFC that he’s been given. But, he built the legacy necessary to earn him the honors to be cemented in the history of the sport.

However, Bisping was able to maintain a legendary career in his own right. With both fighters being in the UFC Hall of Fame, it’s safe to say that everything happens for a reason.

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