Bisping and Rockhold Get Into Heated Argument Down Under

Michael Bisping is set to meet Luke Rockhold on November 8th in Sydney, Australia, so the UFC sent them down under to promote their fight. If we’ve learned anything about Luke Rockhold since the Strikeforce days it is that the dude likes to talk and doesn’t mind a heated argument or two. He’s been very vocal about past opponents like Vitor Belfort, to the point where we wonder if he has a poster up on his wall of Vitor that he throws darts at or punches once in a while. He’s a passionate man. MMA needs more passionate men as opposed to doormats with Twitter accounts.

Michael Bisping is, well, Michael Bisping. We’ve known Bisping, we’ve hated Bisping, we’ve loved Bisping, we’ve loved watching and rewatching Hendo knock Bisping’s block off. The GIFs alone of Hendo knocking out Bisping have probably provided more entertainment than the last year of UFC events combined, which is a loaded statement, for sure. The basic idea of it is that Bisping does a great job of making people hate him and wanting to see him get knocked out.

Here is what happened when they met face-to-face in Australia earlier. It’s pretty crazy. They both really want to know who the other guy has knocked out but nobody can seem to remember who has knocked out who or what really constitutes a knockout.

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