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Bellator Alert: Wrestling prodigy Aaron Pico and Dublin’s James Gallagher are beefing

This could be the best or worst news for Bellator. In medium rare act of MMA beefing for some reason Bellator’s two best prospects; Aaron Pico and James Gallagher are feuding with each other online. Pico is a potential Olympic wrestler with a stacked amateur wrestling credits on his resume while Gallagher is a 20 year old beast out of Ireland’s SBG gym with a freshly minted 6-0 pro mark.

On paper this match-up of two 20 year old athletic freaks could be great for Bellator. On the other hand this is Bellator and some weird MMA Fight God mojo would somehow cause Pico and Gallagher to get stuck in an elevator on the way to the fight, tear all four of their ACLs during the walkouts or produce a shocking double KO result. This is Bellator we’re talking about and strange shit just happens to them.

For now the 0-0 in MMA Pico is beefing with Conor McGregor teammate Gallagher and now its all we want to see. Aaron Pico and James Gallagher in a Bellator cage, right now please.

H/T to @johnsportraits for the James Gallagher image. Check out his art at

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