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Assault Victim: Nick’s Cocaine Use Made Him Violent

Assault Victim: Nick’s Cocaine Use Made Him Violent

By now, everyone has heard about Nick Diaz’s domestic assault case. The disturbing details over the Las Vegas incident allege Diaz broke the female victim’s hip among other injuries in what she described as a cocaine-fueled mania.

The victim in his case, an alleged ex-girlfriend of Diaz, got into an argument with the famous MMA bad boy over him having a sexual relationship with one of her friends.

MMA Fighting reports that the victim alleges that Diaz would abuse cocaine and fly off into a rage, causing seriously grievous injuries in the process:

“…grabbed her by the head and slammed her to the ground, hitting her head against the floor, (also) choking her and then trying to throw her into a swimming pool, instead causing her to fall and injure her hip on a corner of the pool.”

“(She was) visibly in a large amount of pain and could not walk when officers arrived… showing signs or redness around her neck and head, as well as bruises on her legs. She was apparently transported to a hospital soon afterward for treatment of a potentially broken hip. The police report notes that because Diaz showed no signs of injury, and the alleged victim’s injuries appeared “severe,” he was deemed the “primary physical aggressor””.

What’s worse, the victim asserts that Diaz was in a cocaine-induced rage when the assault took place.

Diaz has never tested positive for cocaine before, but is a repeat offender when it comes to marijuana.

Diaz is due back in court on June 24th.

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