Anthony Johnson steals Alexander Gustafsson’s soul and says he could’ve ended his life

Well that escalated quickly. In a battle of Truth or Dare, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson tosses all protocol and handshake agreements aside and jumps right to the triple dog dare. In a circle of “Yo Momma” jokes it always seems that Johnson is the first one to step over that line. The threat of murdering someone is kind of mood killer.

In an interview with Swedish MMA,  one of the top ten best sources for nothing but Swedish MMA, Johnson’s last victim (too soon don’t say “victim”) Alexander Gustafsson claimed that he could beat “Rumble” six days out of a seven day week.

Not wanting to lose to a man 86% of the time, Johnson fired back at Gustafsson via a single tweet.

Rumble would expand on his rational and sort of homicidal thoughts through his Instagram.

Johnson is impressed then he’s laughing to himself then he does some math and now he wants to end your life. Completely logic steps for someone working through their feelings via social media. If you start a beef with Johnson be prepared to beef to the death. If you value your life and professional career jump on the Team Rumble bandwagon!

We don’t know where this bandwagon is headed but hopefully it’s not anywhere near a secluded desert or a large unoccupied body of water. 

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