UFC 239 Results: Amanda Nunes High Kicks Holly Holm For A KO Win! (Highlights)

Amanda Nunes Def Holly Holm
Amanda Nunes Def Holly Holm - Image via @UFC Twitter

Amanda Nunes Kicks Holly Holm To The Face, Wins Via First-Round KO!

Welcome to the co-main event of UFC 239 PPV (pay-per-view). It is taking place live now (Saturday, July 6, 2019) from inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

UFC double champion and self-proclaimed “the best MMA fighter of all time in general”, Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes, puts her Bantamweight title on the line against former UFC 135-pound queen and striking expert Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter” Holm.

Our referee is Marc Goddard. The title match kicks off!

Round 1

Fighters touch gloves. Holly moves a lot. Both fighters very cautious, the crowd yells Holly’s name. Both fighters are tactically prepared. Middle kick Nunes.

Nunes misses with a left hook, kick Nunes, Holly Holm counters to the face well with her right hand. Overhand right Nunes, blocked. Wow, amazing side-kick to the leg Holly. A lot of respect between the two fighters.

Wow, amazing high kick Nunes, Holly returns with a sidekick, Nunes misses with a front kick. Holly feints a lot. Two punches Amanda, Holly blocks well.

Holly attacks with side-kicks to the knee, Nunes chases her. Awesome 1-2 Holm, fighters in the clinch, elbow miss, the two separate.

Nunes misses with a right hand, the two are clinched up.

Nunes takes her down, Holm gets up almost instantly.

2 minutes until the end of the first round, awesome match. Holly misses with a side-kick to the leg. Another side-kick to the knee, she stops Nunes over and over. Wow, amazing left hand to the head Amanda, this landed clean.

Middle kick Amanda, left hand, Holly. Oh, a right high kick by Amanda Nunes, and this is a knockout!!! Holly Holm is knocked out, few punches on the ground, but Goddard waves off the contest, the match is finished. An outstanding KO by Amanda Nunes!


Final Result: Amanda Nunes KO’s Holly Holm (right high kick, round 1, 4:10)

Here are the highlights:



Amanda Nunes improves the result to 18-4 MMA, 11-1 UFC, Holly Holm drops to 12-5 MMA, 5-5 UFC.

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