MMA Rundown

All 21 times Tyron Woodley stuffed Demian Maia’s takedown attempts in one video

The more the crowd booed at UFC 214 the stronger welterweight champion Tyron Woodley became. Woodley feeds off your anger and hate, and his fight strategy just keeps tightening up the more restless the UFC 214 crowd got.

Woodley’s 25 minute title win over Demian Maia boiled down to the fact the jiu-jitsu black belt had absolutely no way of getting the former Missouri wrestler to the mat. Maia tried. Maia failed. Then the challenger tried and failed to takedown Woodley a grand total of 21 times during their five round fight.


In lieu of ever having to watch Tyron Woodley fight Demian Maia again, let’s watch this video of all 21 times the Brazilian went for a takedown and came up short.

Bonus: whatever this is