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Alex Nicholson Suspended for 4 Years, Pops for 3 Different Steroids

Alex Nicholson Suspended for 4 Years, Pops for 3 Different Steroids

NAC Suspends Alex Nicholson for 4 Years Due to Failed Drug Tests

The Nevada Athletic Commission has suspended yet another fighter for violating its policies. In this case, the NAC has suspended PFL fighter Alex Nicholson for violating its anti-doping policy. For Nicholson, the suspension is set to last for the duration of four years. Additionally, in failing the tests, the NAC found three different steroids in Nicholson’s samples.

The length of the suspension came as a shock for the majority of the MMA community. After all, the violation was a first-time offense for Alex. However, it’s not every day that a fighter tests positive for three different banned substances at once. According to MMA Fighting, the harsh punishment was also a result of the way that Nicholson neglected responding to the acquisitions.

Details of Nicholson and the NAC

Furthermore, MMA Fighting released details from the meeting.

“Per the commission, Nicholson, 29, tested positive for drostanolone, nandrolone and trenbolone – all well-known anabolic steroids – in addition to having an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone (T/E) ratio. The commission’s attorney said Nicholson received the commission’s complaint but didn’t signal his intention to defend himself in a hearing.

The commission found that Nicholson’s case warranted an enhanced punishment because of the multiple banned substances in his system and his lack of response to the charges. First-time steroid offenders are subject to a range of 9-24 months for a suspension, but those can be doubled with aggravating factors.” (via MMA Fighting)

Making the Punishment Worse

To make matters worse, Nicholson was also fined $15,000. The figure derived from being 60% of the $25,000 purse he received for his fight versus Francimar Barroso in the PFL heavyweight playoffs. Barroso eliminated Nicholson from the playoffs in the quarter-finals on October 31st by winning the fight via unanimous decision.

Do fans believe Nicholson’s suspension length is justified as a first time offender? Or, does the number of substances popped for mean more for a harsh punishment? Let us know in the comment section below.


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