Israel Adesanya Outpoints Robert Whittaker In Competitive Rematch – UFC 271 Results (Highlights)

Adesanya defended his middleweight title for the fourth time after outpointing Whittaker over five rounds in the UFC 271 headliner.

Israel Adesanya

A middleweight title rematch between Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker is taking place now (Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022) at UFC 271.

Round 1

Lots of feinting early on. Both fighters are looking to land leg kicks. Whittaker with an oblique kick attempt. Adesanya lands a leg kick. He follows it up with a jab to the body. Whittaker avoids a head kick. Whittaker lands another oblique kick which causes Adesanya to switch stances momentarily. Adesanya connects with a leg kick. He follows it up with a few more soon after. Adesanya misses a question mark kick. Adesanya drops Whittaker with a straight left but seems content with letting him back up. Whittaker fails with a sloppy takedown attempt. Whittaker eats another leg kick. Adesanya stuffs another takedown attempt.

Round 2

Whittaker misses a head kick. He’s more aggressive now. Whittaker is throwing and swinging a lot more like the first fight, but he’s still missing a lot. Whittaker partially connects with a left hook but is still missing for the most part. Whittaker misses another head kick. Adesanya responds with a leg kick. Whittaker shoots and gets the takedown. However, Adesanya gets to his feet soon after. Whittaker clinches him against the fence. They eventually separate. Whittaker partially blocks a head kick. Adesanya lands a jab but eats a leg kick in response. Whittaker blocks a head kick. 

Round 3

Adesanya misses a head kick. Whittaker connects with a jab but eats a body kick soon after. Whittaker jabs again. Both fighters land in the pocket. Whittaker goes for the takedown as Adesanya lands a leg kick. Adesanya defends and threatens with a front choke. He lands a knee before Whittaker gets out. Whittaker takes Adesanya down as the latter attempts a head kick. Adesanya gets to his feet but Whittaker has his back. Adesanya eventually separates. Adesanya connects with a huge leg kick. Both fighters land partially as they meet in the pocket. Adesanya connects with a body kick to end the round.

Round 4

Whittaker opens with an oblique kick to Adesanya’s knee. He connects with a left hook soon after. Adesanya partially lands a body kick. The champion connects with a big leg kick soon after. Whittaker times a takedown well and ends up on Adesanya’s back while he’s on his feet. He threatens with a rear naked choke but Adesanya remains calm and eventually gets him off. The action slows down a bit. Adesanya lands a couple of leg kicks. Whittaker connects with a few jabs. Whittaker clinches him up against the fence and lands a knee. They separate. Whittaker lands a nice right. The round ends as Adesanya misses a high kick.

Round 5

Whittaker eats a leg kick but lands a left afterward. Adesanya lands a body kick. He follows it up with another one. Whittaker lands a huge jab that snaps Adesanya’s head back. Adesanya connects with a leg kick. He defends a takedown attempt afterward. The action is stopped momentarily as Whittaker suffers an inadvertent eye poke. Whittaker explodes with a big takedown but Adesanya gets to his feet right away. Whittaker lands a left on the break. Whittaker goes for another takedown attempt but Adesanya defends well until the end.

Official Result: Israel Adesanya defeats Robert Whittaker via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46).

Check out the highlights below:

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