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A barbaric Fabricio Werdum challenges Jon Jones to a borderline concerning underground sparring match

A barbaric Fabricio Werdum challenges Jon Jones to a borderline concerning underground sparring match

According to a Tweet about an article by a respected news source, Mixed Martial Arts bad boy Fabricio Werdum has crossed a dangerous line, challenging UFC champion Jon Jones to an old school, no time limit, and completely unsanctioned sparring match.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en data-scribe-reduced-action-queue=”><p>Fabricio Werdum to Jon Jones: Come to Kings MMA, let&#39;s spar with no time limit, until someone quits – <a href=””></a> <a href=””>#UFC</a> <a href=””>#MMA</a></p>&mdash; Submission Radio (@SubmissionAus) <a href=”″>January 6, 2015</a></blockquote>

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The capricious heavyweight almost certainly has somewhat bad intentions, most likely planning to box Jones up “especially with light blows.” And if Fab gets his way, he and Jon will presumably tie on leg and face padding and go at close to 70% full power, perhaps during a Saturday Muay Thai class at family-friendly Kings MMA.  The challenge hearkens back to the unregulated roots of the sport, when underground karate point fighting challenges threatened the fiber of society in high school gymnasiums and fluorescent shopping mall dojos across the nation.

“Before we start, FYI I’ve been having a little pain in my left shoulder,” Fabricio might say, preparing to mount his proverbial death horse on the blood-drenched field of tentative combat.

“After this, we should probably roll a bit,” he might continue, fire light dancing on black shadows, cast from behind a pair of burning samurai eyes.  “But with technique, not muscle.”

“We can start from the knees.”

Of course, Jones would be a fool to accept.  After all, he probably has nothing to gain from an unofficial victory in some adversarial gym.  And he risks suffering a career-inconveniencing bruise or strain, should his face protection fail during a telegraphed uppercut.

“Hey hey hey, not the face,” he might complain, frustrated by an apparent breakdown in communication.

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