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Watch: 360 Phantom Cam video of Jorge Masvidal ending Ben Askren is the best

Watch: 360 Phantom Cam video of Jorge Masvidal ending Ben Askren is the best

Can’t stop watching Jorge Masvidal knockout Ben Askren in the most violent ways possible. This was peak MMA.

There is no better ending to the tale of Jorge Masvidal versus Ben Askren. Jorge talked a ton of mess. Ben spoke a ton of mess. And this is how it all ends?

The Fights God smiled down upon Jorge and they brutally mocked Ben. Then Masvidal mocked Askren and people were shocked and or surprised by it. Folks really mad at Masvidal for his post-fight antics, SMH.

Act like you been there before? Nobody in human history has ever been there before. Jorge is breaking records and ending rivalries all in the span of five seconds.

MMA is the toughest sport in the world. Best conditioned athletes coming for your head and limbs every second you’re in the cage. Jorge worked hard to earn that moment, let our dude celebrate however the hell he wants.

The best way to prevent any fighter or Gamebred from dancing on your grave? Don’t get knocked out. Don’t become a highlight reel.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of Masvidal pushing his knee into Askren’s skull, there is the GIF below. The good old Matrix/Phantom Cam/360 video of Jorge versus Ben. This may be our favorite version of the KO. Just a perfect moment in MMA and Gamebred history.

Jorge Masvidal is a star and always should have been pushed as a star. Here is why:

But there is also this

But also this

Bless up Cuban Jesus.

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