The first GTA Online DLC is coming out next week

I started this off with “If you’re reading this” but then quickly deleted it because, let’s face it, starting anything in writing with “If you’re reading this” is just redundant. Anyway, Grand Theft Auto V is awesome. It is one of the sole reasons (if I’m going to make an effort to avoid redundancy I might as well use an oxymoron, #YOLO) that I don’t have much of an interest in the next generation of consoles, even though I do. You NEED to be playing GTA 5, and you NEED to be in the MiddleEasy crew. Seriously, we just cleaned house with inactives to make room. If you’ve been playing, then you know how much fun the mayhem, and “wildin’ out” has been.

Whether it’s Jason attempting (most of the time in vain) to jump onto a moving train, Bayzel gauging the rawesome of events with a simple “woo!” or me going full on wildcard, there’s a variety of stupid fun to be had. Hell, you can even wear the green MiddleEasy shirt! Sure the beginning was a bit rocky, what with launch of the multiplayer looking much like the scene in Terminator 3 where they activate Skynet, but what self aware homicidal national defense system/online multiplayer freeroam doesn’t? Everything has pretty much been worked out, free money has been deposited in players’ accounts, and all is well. Unless you’ve been a total d**khead and have been placed in a “bad sport session” then things are just downright miserable.

As promised, GTA Online is a growing gaming experience, and Rockstar has announced that next week they will release their first DLC, the “Beach Bum Pack.” Oh, and it’s free. The add-on will feature new races, new deathmatches, new missions, and all kinds of new #woo. Further character customization will be possible via new tattoos, clothing, and hair options. There will also be a new pistol and melee weapon – the broken bottle. To learn more about the oncoming “Beach Bum” DLC check out the Rockstar Games Social site. Seriously, it’s better than Facebook.

And in case you need any more reason to own this game, and play the online mode, check out the MiddleEasy Crew snapmatic here.

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