6 Celeberties That Can Kick Your Ass

A common misconception is that celebrities are basically just whimps who have stunt doubles do all the tough stuff for them. Which I am sure is correct for a lot of them, but no such thing can be said about the following celebs. These dudes, if push went to shove could handle their own in a fight and even kick ass.

Michael Jai White


He was Spawn, Black Dynamite and got killed by The Joker. Michael Jai White is an action movie veteran and a certified badass. He has 8 black belts in 8 different martial arts including; Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan Karate and Jiu-Jitsu. Even at 51 years old, he can beat the daylights out of a regular dude on the street. If you still think he’s just a Steven Seagal wannabe, here’s him training movement with UFC vet Ben Saunders.

Chris Pratt


Yep, Star-Lord could make short work out of you. Dude wrestled in high school and judging from these recent videos where he wrestles MMA legends and UFC champs “Minotauro” Nogueira and Randy Couture he’s still got more than some moves in him left.

CM Punk

Yes, yes…I know. Vince  McMahon’s WWE wrestling is not the same as high school/college or Olympic wrestling. However, when Mr. Chick Magnet Punk left WWE in pursuit of greener pastures he decided to do MMA and settled in a very legit camp Roufesport. There he throws hands and wrestles with the top names in MMA today. Anthony Pettis (former UFC LW champion), Tyron Woodley(current UFC WW champion) and Ben Askren( undefeated UFC title contender) among others.  Even though he got a lot of shit from nearly everyone with a twitter account because of his horrible performances inside the octagon, you still have to remember he now has 2 UFC level fights under his belt. That is SERIOUS fight knowledge and experience.

Joe Rogan


Everyone’s favorite podcaster, comedian and UFC announcer is one tough dude. He was a 2-time TKD champion, he has a black belt in BJJ under Eddie Bravo and hilariously enough, he taught Georges St Pierre how to perform the spinning back kick. So yeah…even though he looks like a typical meathead who knows nothing, he’s legit…very legit.

Dolph Lundgren


It would come to no surprise that the man who played one of the most iconic and monstrous villains of all time can beat the daylights out of you. Dolph is 6’5” and competed in full contact Karate. The man is so damn terrifying that one time a group of burglars broke into his house tied his wife to a chair and went on a stealing spree. They went into the bed bedroom to loot some jewelry and they found a family picture of the misses and her husband, Ivan Drago. The burglars quickly added two and two and realized what they are doing. Robing a 6’5” Viking’s house who probably won’t approve of what they are doing, so they just ran out in fear.

Ashton Kutcher


Believe it or not, but Ashton Kutcher is an avid BJJ purple belt practitioner under a very respectable coach. Joe Rogan once commented his thoughts on Kutcher’s BJJ legitimacy, and he claims that if he has the belt rank it is claimed to be, under the coach it is claimed to be-it is a legitimate purple belt. Hell, even his coach once commented that Ashton was one of his top students who he thought could easily tap Conor McGregor.  Though, it could also be possible that Kutcher has for years now, been setting up a Punk’d episode of epic proportions.

Published on December 17, 2018 at 5:17 am
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  1. Great list! Don’t forget Keanu Reeves, he’s a badass in the John Wick and Matrix movies. Think hes a Judo blackbelt and trained a little BJJ with the Machado bros.


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