Oleksandr Usyk Stuns Tyson Fury, Wins Undisputed Title Via Split Decision – Fury vs. Usyk Results (Highlights)

Usyk handed 'The Gypsy King' the first loss of his pro boxing career, claiming the undisputed heavyweight world championship in the process

Tyson Fury Vs Usyk
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On Saturday night, one of the biggest boxing matches of all time went down as WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury stepped inside the ring with reigning WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO world titleholder Oleksandr Usyk to crown a unified heavyweight king. 

Emanating from Kingdom Arena in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, ‘The Gypsy King’ (34-0 with 24 KOs) looked for his 35th career victory against the Ukrainian sensation who entered the bout with a picture-perfect 21-0 record with 14 wins by way of knockout. 

Round 1

Usyk comes out firing a left hand followed by a jab to the body. Fury comes back with a jab of his own to the body. Fury gets his jab going early, managing distances and keeping the shorter Usyk at bad. Fury rips to the body with a left. Usyk closes the distance and the two briefly tie up before separating. Fury relinquishes control of the ring to Usyk and throws a nice left as Usyk continues to work the body. 

Usyk backs Fury into the corner and Fury begins to showboat, prompting Usyk to back away and reset before resuming his pursuit. Fury throws a straight left followed by a two-punch combo. Usyk responds with a straight left that hits the mark. Fury circles away and stays out of danger for the remainder of the first.

Round 2

Usyk comes out and lands a big left early. Fury circles the ropes and fires back with a double jab. Usyk goes back to the body of his opponent. Fury comes back with another jab before dropping his hands in another taunting tactic. Usyk pressures Fury into the corner and pops him with a check left. Usyk lands on the body with another jab. Fury comes back with a couple of jabs of his own before throwing a booming uppercut to the body. 

Fury throws a couple more shots up top, including a left-right combination. Usyk fires back by fails to make it past the guard of Fury. Usyk comes forward and Fury lands another nasty right uppercut to the body just as the second round ends. 

Round 3

Usyk comes out with pressure immediately and once again attacks the body before going upstairs. Fury offers up a cracking shot in return. Usyk works to find his way inside, but Fury’s jab is doing an excellent job of keeping the Ukrainian at bay. Usyk throws a right to the body and follows it up with a couple of potshots with the left hand that tags Fury. 

Usyk lands a left hook as Fury circles out of the corner. Fury fires a body shot that lands right on the belt line of Usyk. The fighters tie up in the center of the ring before being separated. Fury doubles on the jab and lands a straight right hand. Usyk again pushes Fury against the ropes and lands a nice combination. The fighters separate and end the round exchanging strikes in the center of the ring. 

Round 4

Fury kicks off the fourth round with a couple of thudding shots to the body of Fury. ‘The Gypsy King’ is picking up the pace, but it’s not long before Usyk resumes control of the ring, pushing Fury to the corner and landing a left hand. Fury lands a combination as Usyk marches forward. Usyk responds with a right to the body followed by a left up top. During an exchange in the center of the ring, Fury complains of a headbutt bringing a brief stop to the bout. 

Fury again showboats, raising his arms in the air as Usyk approaches. Usyk traps Fury in the corner and unloads a flurry of strikes to the body. Unimpressed, Fury taunts Usyk before circling out of the corner and slapping Usyk upside the head with his glove. Both fighters narrowly miss on a couple of big shots just before the round ends. 

Round 5

With the bout potentially even after four rounds, both fighters look to pick things up a bit. Fury goes back to pumping his jab to keep Usyk away. Usyk goes back to the body, doubling up on his shots. Fury makes him pay with a retaliatory jab. Fury lands a couple of stinging body shots that have Usyk backing up momentarily. Fury once again goes back to the body, but Usyk protests that it was low. The referee issues a brief warning to Fury but lets the fight continue uninterrupted.

Double jabs from Fury lands and Fury appears to have his rhythm as Usyk struggles to get past the long reach of his opponent. Fury offers up a couple more jabs followed by a combination. Usyk again backs Fury into the corner, but it’s Fury who lands, throwing a left-right just as the bell sounds. 

Round 6

Usyk comes out looking to desperately close the distance and increase his head movement to avoid the counterattack. Fury goes back to the body. Usyk closes the distance and Fury ties up. The referee separates them in the center of the ring. Fury throws a combination punctuated by an uppercut that glances off Usyk’s face. Fury comes back with a booming left that has Usyk rocked. Fury lands another uppercut that lands clean. 

Fury goes headhunting, landing another combination as Usyk is beginning to look a little stressed out. Fury throws another uppercut that catches Usyk’s body on his way in. Fury puts his hands behind his back as Usyk approaches in the final seconds of the round. 

Round 7

Halfway through the fight, all the momentum appears to be on Tyson Fury’s side as he continues to pick off his opponent inside the ring. Fury brings the pressure in the opening minute, throwing big strikes and bullying Usyk up against the ropes. Fury backs off and eats a left hand for his trouble. Usyk comes back with another nice left. Trying to get something going, Usyk moves in but eats another uppercut that catches him on the chin. 

Usyk’s pace is slowed and his head movement is all, but gone as Fury is content to circle the ring, making Usyk pursue him. Usyk corners Fury and takes advantage, throwing a combination that catches Fury. ‘The Gypsy King’ quickly moves away from the danger and keeps his distance until the round comes to an end. 

Round 8

Tyson Fury comes out firing in the center of the ring, firing off three clubbing shots. Usyk gets back to work, landing a nice left hand as Fury was moving backward. Fury pops Usyk’s head back with a solid jab. Usky again complains of a low blow, but the referee ignores the protest. Usyk fires a left to the body and lands a nasty right-left combo against the ropes that has Fury shaking out the cobwebs. 

Usyk ducks his way in, attacking the body before lunging in with a straight left that connects. Fury is showing a bit of damage near his eye as Usyk lands a looping right hand. The eighth round comes to an end with Fury bloodied and Usyk feeling pretty good about his work. 

Round 9

Usyk pressures again as Fury throws a couple of jabs that connect. Usyk moves in and Fury immediately clinches. Fury throws a straight right hand off the break and Usyk responds with another flurry to the body. Usyk appears to be the fresher fighter and he lands a couple of stinging left hands on Fury against the ropes. Fury fires back with a short right hook inside. 

Fury lands a jab and Usyk comes back with a long left hand that connects. Fury wipes away the blood from his face. Usky lands a booming left hand that has Fury rocked. Usyk turns up the heat and unleashes an onslaught that has Fury stumbling around the ring in an attempt to get away. Fury stumbles after another booming shot from Usyk and uses the ropes to keep himself upright. 

The referee rules that as a knockdown, initiating the standing eight-count. Fury can continue, but the round ends just as the referee allows the fight to resume.  

Round 10

Picking up right where he left off, Usyk comes out pressuring early and pouring it on with a left-right that connects. Fury circles away and attempts to fend off Usyk with the jab. That doesn’t stop Usyk from backing Fury against the ropes and looking for his opening. Usyk throws a combination in the corner. Fury covers up and circles back to the center of the ring. Fury jabs and Usyk goes over the top with a long left hand. 

Usyk starts to do a little taunting of his own, but he has noticeably slowed, perhaps attempting to catch his breath after a busy 10th round. Fury fires to the body and Usyk wildly swings and misses. Fury appears to have his bearings back, but Usyk lands a couple of shots against the ropes that has Usyk retreating. Usyk ends the round with an overhand left that Fury blocks. 

Round 11

Usyk fires to the body. Fury comes back, pumping his jab to the body. Usyk closes the distance and lands another solid shot up against the ropes. Usyk goes to the body with a right-left combination before going upstairs with another left hand. Fury throws a jab and Usyk launches an overhand right that connects, but with little power behind it. 

Usyk continues to look like the fresher of the two fighters, rushing in and throwing a couple of shots before clinching up. The mostly uneventful round ends with Usyk landing another shot right at the end of the round. Fury just stands and stares at his opponent before making his way back to his corner. 

Round 12

Fury and Usyk open the final round with a clinch that takes a few ticks off the clock. Usyk’s tempo picks up as he marches forward, throwing a combination in the opening 30 seconds. Fury continues to throw his jab backed by a left hand that is blocked by Usyk. The Ukrainian is desperate to close the distance and throws a left hand that grazes the forehead of Tyson Fury. 

Fury lands a decent right hand. Fury throws a right hook, but Usyk ducks under and throws a looping right hand of his own that narrowly misses the mark. Fury lands a shot of his own that has Usyk taking a couple of steps back. A little bit of a clash of heads, but both fighters are good to continue. Usyk lands a long right that catches Fury on his way out of the area. Fury comes back with a jab. Fury showboats a bit before the final bell sounds as Usyk looks to land one final blow.

Official Result: Oleksandr Usyk def. Tyson Fury via split decision (115-112, 113-114, 114-113)

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Published on May 18, 2024 at 7:45 pm
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