Blast to the Past: Bet you didn't know Johny Hendricks vs. Ben Askren actually happened in 2002

Blast to the Past: Bet you didn't know Johny Hendricks vs. Ben Askren actually happened in 2002

Let's rewind the clock to simpler times in humanity, when commercials actually included the 'http://' when they displayed their website on your television. Ah, televisions -- the entire concept of an HDTV seemed alien to us. The United States of America was actually united after the tragedy of September 11th the previous year. Skip ahead ten years and FOX News is calling a Muslim biographer of Jesus a 'potty mouth' because they failed at belittling him on national television.

In 2002 Johny Hendricks and Ben Askren actually wrestled against each other in the 2002 Dream Team Classic at the D.C. Everest High School in Schofield, Wisconsin. The eligibility requirement was all wrestlers must be seniors in high school ­ class of 2002 and competed in the 2002 High School state tournament. Like I said, much simpler times back in those days.

So check out our Blast to the Past installment of Ben Askren wrestling Johny Hendricks over a decade ago. We won't give it away, but you may be surprised at the ending.

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+10 # JBC12 2013-08-05 10:37
All I got from this was that Askren has always had the jewish curls that would make Hitler cringe.
0 # Fatty_Sam86 2013-08-05 20:50
All I got from this is that Ben Askren is a boring MMA fighter. Shame, cuz he was a good wrestler.
-1 # Wolfensmith 2013-08-05 10:37
And 11 years later, they are both Welterweight Champs!
+14 # GP 2013-08-05 10:38
I kept waiting for the surprise... :oops:
+3 # Gin Rummy 2013-08-05 10:41
What an amazing match, both stayed active the whole time going shot for shot and Ben didn't quit once he kept fighting to the last bell for those reversal points, shame he couldn't pull through, but I digress, what a great match.
+3 # jt33 2013-08-05 20:14
shame to you maybe..when hendricks got that that td i was going crazy.
+4 # Ryu 2013-08-05 11:43
I take from this that Askren didn't discover his funk until college. That afro he is rocking in the video just seems forced.

I bet he started listening to a lot of James Brown and then his wrestling and his afro really got taken to a whole new level.
0 # bosswell 2013-08-05 12:11
He had a lot funk, then (see 0:28). Hendricks is just so solid that you can't really tell. Great match, though.
+10 # Sacha 2013-08-05 14:43
How did Hendrick's beard end up on Askren's head? Or is it vice versa?
-2 # holycheapshit 2013-08-05 17:08
Middle Easy, you went full retard, cause Askren is now listed as #3 on the frate trane list.
+3 # jt33 2013-08-05 20:17
i cant believe it either. i would rather him be off and add connor mcgregor somewhere.
+3 # jt33 2013-08-05 20:17
someone show this video to better be scared son hendricks is coming for you...

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