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This will be the greatest Street MMA submission you’ll ever see in your life

This is it. The pinnacle of Street MMA techniques. Nothing will overtake this as not only one of the best technical grappling matches in Street MMA history, but we’re willing to bet there will never be a more incredible submission taking place on the street ever. Seriously. The closest maneuver I can think of that comes close to this is Tajiri’s Tarantula, but without the ropes, and it’s kind of not like Tajiri’s Tarantula at all. So kind of a hybrid, standing, sideways, ropeless, hung Boston crab. Yeah. Just watch this fight between two emo kids that show remarkable agility in tight jeans and good ring awareness even if their bangs are in their eyes.

My God, this no-tap submission. Done with this article. Have to watch this again.

Huge props as always to KnockoutFootage for the find that has been dubbed the “Emoplata” by the UG. Damn those guys are good.

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