Street MMA: A very bad sucker punch leads to a slam KO, WWE pin

Street Mma Sucker Punch Slam KO Wwe Pin

The best laid plans of mice, men, and Street MMA sucker punchers.

In this dude’s head, throwing a sucker punch resulted in a very different outcome. For those following for the past 10 or so years of MiddleEasy Street MMA history, the big red monster always encourages our fans to strike first.

So many Street Fights end up with one guy talking smack with his hands down and one single second later he’s face down on the pavement. Protect yourself at all time is the golden rule of these mean Streets.

The sucker punch? That can be testing fate. The Street Fights Gods are fair and usually frown down at this sort of behavior. Sure plenty of sucker punches have won plenty of Street Fights over the years, but who really wants to walk the lines of that sort of karma?

Which leads us to our two backpack clad opponents. There is a moment post-sucker punch and pre-fight that really is the cherry on top all of this. Whatever the hell this is.

Straight out of Bloodsport, both dudes drop their backpacks in a brief moment of solidarity. If this was a Saturday afternoon Kung Fu flick, swords would have drawn and one combatant would walk away headless.

Just dip your hands in shattered glass already.

This is a Street Fight and this is a school, so decapitations are frowned upon. From sucker punch, to hands being thrown, and then old boy gets knocked out by a brutal slam.

Then in a single legendary move, our hero hooks the leg and awaits for a three count.

Don’t care if it was by accident or pure reactionary, that guy with a WWE base for Street MMA is our hero.

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