A Lesson in Street MMA: Sometimes a timely wardrobe change can make or break your KO

Street MMA Wardrobe Change

Free Street MMA tip, never mess with a dude wearing shorts under his shorts. This just feels like common sense, but sometimes common sense in a street fight.

Shorts upon shorts upon shorts, just means this dude is serious about physical fitness. Something off about wearing three or more layers on your undercarriage when the calendar has already flipped over to June. Good idea to befriend this type of fashionable person.

From a high school cafeteria in the Northern Hemisphere, here is the first shot being your best shot added with a wrestling shot. Shot, shorts, and sleeps, this lesson in Street MMA is also brought to you by the letter ‘S’.

One day, after our interactive 3-D Shooto infographic is complete, MiddleEasy will run the numbers on Street Fight First Strikes. How many times does striking first win you the street fight? Is there much of a counter strike game in the streets or lunch line? Does anyone care?

Is throwing a 1-2 combo still a good idea in these mean school streets?

These are the questions that may or may not get answered in the video below. What MiddleEasy does know is that our hero in blue was pretty damn calm about putting down his iPhone down and dropping his drawers before combat. Respect for being comfortable in your own skin, but also respect for being comfortable shooting a double leg in the general vicinity of hot food.

The rest is Street fight history and the bully in the red still has no idea what hit him. Mike Tyson once said everybody has a plan until they get hit. Well in 2019, everybody has a plan until your opponent takes off his shorts only to reveal more shorts before the fight even starts.

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